Phoenics Corp. (Phoenics), was established in 1998 with the acquisition of the assets of Alenia of USA, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Alenia Difesa, a Finmeccanica S.p.A. company.  Initially, Phoenics continued supporting the Italian multinational in markets in the Americas. This included providing logistics support for the radar portion of AN/TPS-73 (MATCALS) air traffic control system, which had been sold to the United States Marine Corps in the mid-80s. During this period of collaboration with its former parent, renamed Alenia-Marconi Systems, then Selex, Phoenics was instrumental in securing air traffic  control radar sales in the Americas and assisted its former parent in a successful corporate acquisition in the U.S.  For almost a decade Phoenics, under a multi-year contract, handled the new acquisition’s sales operations in various regions of the world along with supporting the parent’s (Selex) varied activities in the Americas. Today, Phoenics combines decades of staff experience in several technologies, industries, and operational environments to serve a range of customers from the government and private sector and from nearly all parts of the world. While we continue to offer products and systems related to aeronautical communications, navigation and surveillance, we can now offer products ranging from explosives detection solutions to airfield lighting and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). While aircraft around the world have been utilizing Phoenics supplied navigation systems for several years, Phoenics recently supplied the U.S. Army with ground probing radars.